Original-building-1997The Washington County Children’s Justice Center is celebrating 18 Years Serving Children and Families in Washington County! The first interview with a suspected child abuse victim was February, 1997.

At that time, we were located in a small home donated by Dixie Regional Medical Center. The local community stepped in and made the Center a reality by contributing money and furnishings. It was anticipated we would serve 100 to 150 children per year, at most.

As years went by, and an average of 300 children were being interviewed each year it became clear that a larger facility was needed. Again, thanks to the generosity of the County’s citizens, money was raised, supplies and labor were donated and the current facility opened in April, 2008. It stands as tribute to our caring community that no public monies were used to fund the building, and it is mortgage-free!

Current Bldg - slanted front viewIt is heart-wrenching to see a young child, or a teenager, struggle to find words to describe the pain they have experienced at the hands of an adult or older child. We are grateful, however, that we have a local facility that can provide a safe, comfortable setting where professionals can sit with the child and their family members and obtain needed information and details. The process begins a path of healing for the child and the family.


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