Why donate

to the Children’s Justice Center?


Statistics indicate that most of us know or are related to a victim of child sexual abuse. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to best support our loved ones as they work to heal from the emotional and physical scars left by abuse.

Fortunately, there are people who are experts in helping child survivors and their families. The Washington County Children’s Justice Center staff and multidisciplinary team have vast experience, and connections to an array of resources.

There is never a charge for services at the Children’s Justice Center. We are funded through a public/private partnership that includes limited state and local money as well as grants and community donations. Your tax-deductible contributions are used wisely to help us provide a safe, comfortable place for children to share details about their abuse, and to train and support the professionals who will help each child on their journey to becoming a thriving survivor.


We are most appreciative of all donations we receive to support our work with abused children and their family members.

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